Equipment as a Service

Equipment as a Service

Make upgrades part of your operations budget.

VIP understands technology is the lifeblood of any successful business; but workstations and servers shouldn’t break the bank.

VIP’s Equipment as a Service (Eaas) program lets you stay on the cutting edge with the latest technology and upgrades as they happen. Manage your cash flow by spreading the cost of new equipment throughout the term of your contract.

Rather than wait around for your equipment to become obsolete, VIP’s EaaS gives you automatic upgrades and scheduled maintenance. In the rare instances where a product doesn’t perform as expected, VIP will replace it at no additional cost with EaaS.

Look around your office. Do you see sub-optimal static assets in need of constant repair and servicing? Or do you see reliable services that work for you as you accomplish your goals? With Equipment as a Service, VIP can ensure your equipment serves you.

To see if you qualify for EaaS, please take a moment to answer these questions, or give us a call at 918-279-7000.