Managed IT Services

VIP understands how even the shortest down time can lead to serious loss. Whether you’re navigating through a data crisis or planning to avoid one, our experts have a proven record of producing solutions.

We can supplement your existing IT department, or manage all aspects of your technology needs. VIP’s managed services maximize IT efficiency, increase profitability and minimize down time. Let us develop a plan that meets your needs and grows with your business for one affordable monthly payment.

VIP offers multiple levels of IT support:
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Network and End User Security
  • Help Desk Tech Support
  • IT Consulting

How can you afford to not partner with VIP for the highest quality IT consulting and support?

Downtime? What Downtime?

You may never know the crises we avert.

The best IT technicians are the ones you rarely need to see; but your increased efficiency and decreased down time will assure you VIP is hard at work. With VIP monitoring your systems, our experts will catch potential problems before they ever have a chance to materialize. We’ll maintain and monitor your hardware and software, and provide updates and patches without interrupting your staff’s workflow.

Budget IT

What if you could budget for crisis recovery?

Crises happen. It’s a fact of business life. But you can minimize the cost of repair or replacement with VIP’s affordable managed IT services. No surprises. No hidden fees. If your software or hardware goes down while VIP is watching, we cover the cost of bringing you back online.

Equipment as a Service

Make upgrades part of your operations budget.

How many times have you purchased the latest and greatest technology, only to watch your competitor acquire a newer, better model? VIP’s Equipment as a Service (Eaas) program lets you stay on the cutting edge with the latest technology and upgrades. Take advantage of technological advances without massive up-front capital outlays. Spread the cost of your new equipment throughout the term of your contract, allowing you to control your cash flow and minimize the impact on your balance sheet.

With EaaS, VIP can ensure your equipment serves you and helps you achieve your goals.

If you’d like a complimentary assessment and quote, please take a moment to answer these questions, or give us a call at 918-279-7000.