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Bode started his telephony career with GTE in Broken Arrow in March of 1988 and has seen many changes in the phone industry since. He is a second generation phone guy, following in the footsteps of his dad who worked in the field for 32 years. Bode has extensive knowledge of telephony and how to operate a business so he let a layoff at GTE become the launching pad for his own telephony endeavor. Green Country Communications was founded in 1994 and named by his wife, Jannette. Bode is a hard worker, devoted husband, and a great father of two adult children. He is involved as a deacon in his local church and well thought of by everyone in his community.

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Chris is a native Texan, born and raised in the Texas Hill Country near San Marcos. After graduating high school he attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa on an academic and athletic scholarship, graduating in 1994. After graduation he married his wife, Marcy, and the two have three sons in 24 years of marriage. Chris started Covenant Technologies as a desktop and network solutions company in 1998, and grew the company primarily by word of mouth. In 2009, CTI was approached by Green Country Communications to explore the possibility of a merger because of CTI's outstanding success as a multi-million dollar organization.

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Mark is the founder of PCRX which merged with VIP Technology to expand VIP’s computer capabilities. Mark develops and deploys IT vision, policies, standards, and methodologies, he leads enterprise IT projects, directing all aspects of strategic planning, service development, operational governance, and service management. He unifies diverse business groups to achieve successful business initiatives and establishes and manages IT operations for the academic, government, medical, professional, financial, manufacturing, retail, and services industries. Mark is the loving husband of his wife Deanna and proud father of two sons and one daughter.

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Steve was the founder of Cook Communications which partnered with Green Country Communications as the original pillars of the telephony company that would eventually become VIP Technology. Steve has passed on what he has learned to his son, Colby, who is now a prominent member within the company his dad helped to found. Steve is also a loving husband to his wife, Erin, and the proud father of three beautiful daughters who he avidly supports from the sidelines whether they are cheerleading or playing soccer.

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Jeff is VIP’s telephony division manager and senior technical engineer. He is a hard worker dedicated to completing jobs and providing outstanding service to VIP Technology’s customers, regardless of the hours required. He is a loving father of two boys.

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