Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act: What You Need to Know Now

We at VIP Technology Solutions Group, L.L.C. and VIP Voice Services, L.L.C. (“VIP”), want to thank you for your continued confidence in our service and support of your communication infrastructure and equipment. We sincerely appreciate each and every customer and value our partnership with your organization. You may have heard of some legislative changes in […]

Ctrl + Alt + Delete: Origins and Applications

In 1981, David Bradley created the keyboard key combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete. When he did, he didn’t actually have the end user in mind. Rather, Ctrl + Alt + Delete was a five minute internal job designed to perform a soft reboot for early computer engineers. But now, computer users now have […]

Why Restarting Your Computer Fixes So Many Problems

You’re having an issue with your computer and you decide to call tech support. You describe your problem, and no matter what it is, you get asked, “Did you try restarting it?” Sound familiar?  If it does, there are a lot of good reasons why this is the case. “Did you try restarting it?” isn’t […]

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

First things first, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the Ctrl keys one is in the lower right-hand corner of your keyboard, and the other is in the lower left-hand side. The one on the left may be closer to your spacebar than the one on the right, it will just depend on your particular […]

The Web’s Most Searched Computer Questions

In this article, we give you quick answers to some of the most searched computer questions on Google. Bear in mind, these answers have to be broad since we don’t have access to everyone’s computer, but if you’re a business with a specific computer question that doesn’t get answered in this article, feel free to […]

5 Ways Technology is Crucial for Commerce

Unless someone sets off an electromagnetic pulse on a massive scale that fries all the electronics on the face of the planet, it’s safe to say that human beings will continue using electronic technology on the daily. In fact, technology is only becoming more crucial to everyday life and commerce, and here are five reasons […]

Cloud Data Storage Explained

All files of a sensitive nature should be backed up to keep them safe from things like theft, accidental deletion, or physical damage to the computer server housing them. Things like client information, payment information, and your kid’s term paper, should be put somewhere out of harm’s way, and there are different ways of accomplishing […]