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Corporate Solutions

Enterprise level support on a first name basis

VIP’s team of certified experts is equipped to supply the largest industrial parks and corporations with enterprise-level support, but on a first name basis. Our customers of all sizes get direct access to our local offices and our team of experts, without being put on hold for hours.

Scalable solutions

Get solutions that grow with your business. You can add additional phone lines, workstations, internet bandwidth, or services depending on what your company needs.

Expert Assistance

With our Managed IT Services plans, you have access to an entire team of experts. We won't leave you on hold for hours, and you'll always talk to a real person from one of our local offices.

Bundled for convenience

Why waste valuable time piecing together equipment and services? VIP will work with you to customize a bundled solution to cover all of your equipment and services, for one convenient monthly invoice.

The option to Pay-as-you-go

If you're not looking for a long-term monthly service agreement, VIP still offers the good old fashioned option to pay-as-you-go for our equipment and many of our services.

Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery
A 2018 FEMA study found that nearly 60% of businesses closed their doors within 6 months of a critical data loss. An onsite only solution still leaves a business vulnerable to data loss due to any number of calamities such as fire, flood, theft, user error, and ransomware. That's why VIP offers a complete fully automated and monitored onsite backup and offsite disaster recovery solution to protect a business’ critical data. Backups are performed onsite to either a dedicated backup server or network attached storage device, for quick restores, and then synced to our secure, offsite data storage facility in case the onsite backup is unrecoverable.
Microsoft Office 365
VIP is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner, offering you the top of the line in business applications. Microsoft Office 365 is so much more than the classic Office Suite of programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. With Microsoft 365, customers get the most robust selection of applications ideal for small businesses. You can leverage programs like Microsoft Teams for remote work, and connect internally and externally with Exchange or Outlook, where employees have access to a more secure emailing platform complete with an editable and shareable calendar with scheduling features.
Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Archiving
Office 365 online backup is critically important for businesses who use it, which cannot be overstated. Emails can be intentionally or accidentally deleted, files can become corrupted through errors or from viruses and ransomware which are ever-present threats. Businesses who fail to safely backup their emails risk lost data, wasted time in trying to recover files, extra costs associated with restoring files and lost revenue caused by business interruption.
SentinelOne Antivirus
VIP offers SentinelOne Antivirus, it’s a fully autonomous, industry-backed cybersecurity solution that protects against all threat vectors. And while technology is always changing, making it impossible to guarantee 100% protection from an antivirus alone, VIP offers what we believe to be the best on the market. We recommend pairing SentinelOne with an offsite backup plan so you can rest easy knowing the data your business relies on to operate is as safe as possible.
Internet of Things Monitoring
VIP has the ability to proactively monitor network devices such as routers, firewalls, wireless access points, layer 3 network switches, NVRs (IP camera systems and IP cameras) and many other network-enabled devices. This can be included as part of our monthly Managed Services offering or as a stand-alone monthly service. With proactive monitoring, VIP is notified when a device goes offline and can alert the client. The client can then have their in-house support person address the issue or VIP can address the issue if doing so is part of the monthly contract.
Managed IT Services
If your company doesn’t have the budget for an IT division or dedicated IT personnel, VIP can cover that. For one monthly fee, your company will never have to worry about IT again, we take care of support, monitoring and management, and our Managed IT Solutions are customized to what your business needs.
Bill CaseyJenks Public Schools, Director of IT
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As a current customer of VIP Technologies, I have been extremely pleased with their service and commitment to the district. VIP is much more to us than just a vendor, they have a customer “partnership” philosophy that extends well beyond the project we are focused on. It is truly a pleasure to work and partner with such an outstanding group of people.
Tim MesserCountry Style Management
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I would like to commend Jeff for his efforts last night, he worked with Jake trying to get McA’s phones and Internet back online and worked well past 9:00PM last night. Although the problem was with Vyve, Jeff stayed online and help convinced the Vyve supervisor that we were an authorized user on the account, and they should return the settings back to what they were before they (Vyve) changed them. Thanks Jeff!
Ali ShehadaBroken Arrow Public Schools, Network Services Director
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VIP has been a tremendous asset to the growth and evolution of our district’s telephony systems and integration with our network and paging systems. From sales/engineering to project management and ongoing maintenance, VIP’s strategic and thorough approach has made us appreciate them more as a partner rather than a vendor.
Ryan Tusia
May 21, 2019
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These people have been fantastic and we have used their service for years at our company. In our experience, always do good work.
Janice Graves PearsonJuly 30, 2020
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they are awesome, very polite and knowledgeable!!! thanks Bill!!


VIP Technology Solutions Group strives to be more than just another logo on just another bill, we want to be on a first name basis with our customers, because we believe that tech support should be easy, efficient, and effective.

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