In this article, we give you quick answers to some of the most searched computer questions on Google. Bear in mind, these answers have to be broad since we don’t have access to everyone’s computer, but if you’re a business with a specific computer question that doesn’t get answered in this article, feel free to give us a call.

Why is my computer slow? This is, unsurprisingly, the number one most searched of the “why is my computer…?” questions. There are many general problems that could be contributing to a slow computer. Your computer may need to be updated, which it does automatically when it’s restarted. It could be you have a program running in the background you don’t know about. It’s possible your hard drive is super stuffed–you should have about 20% of free space on your hard drive in order for it to run at its best. It’s also possible you’re running too much at the same time–maybe close down windows and programs when you’re done using them? On the hardware side of things, your computer may use an older, slower hard disk drive instead of the newer, faster solid state drive.

Why is my computer screen black? It could be asleep, the battery could have died, or it might have completely crashed. Make sure you always shut your computer down properly and don’t force it off by way of the power button. If you suspect that it may be a virus or malware, it’s time to call an expert.

Why is my computer beeping? That depends on what the beeping sounds like… it could be trying to notify you about something so check your notifications tab.

Why is my computer fan so loud? Because it’s working really hard, okay? Take it easy on your fan, make sure nothing is blocking it and you shut down your computer regularly to give it a rest and let it update.

Why is my computer freezing? There could be background programs running. Again, it could be there’s not enough free space, or, it could be that something went wrong in the code of a program that’s running. The first step should always be restarting.

Why is my computer not charging? Batteries eventually die, even rechargeable ones. You can usually find laptop replacement batteries online like on Ebay for older models. Maybe check to make sure the little black box in the middle of your cord has the cable plugged in all the way. It may also be the charging cable itself and not the battery that’s busted.

Why is my computer so hot? This one could relate to “why is my computer freezing?” and “why is my computer so slow?” It could be that there’s not enough space. If you’re using a laptop and it isn’t on a hard surface, that will cause it to heat up. If you’re using a desktop and it’s up against a wall or the airflow is being blocked, then the fan can’t cool it down properly.

Is my computer 64 bit? Go to system>settings>about to see the system type. Or, on Windows 10, you can type in the search bar “about your PC” to navigate to the same screen.

Is my computer on? Is it working? If you opted to shut down your computer, it might take it a bit to fully shut down. If you only turned off your desktop monitor or closed your laptop without shutting it down, then yes, it is on, just asleep.

Is my computer VR ready? That depends on your graphics card. 

Is my computer hacked? Have you visited any sketchy websites lately? Did you download something you shouldn’t have? Just make sure you have a good anti-virus system and be smart when you’re on the web. Read about internet safety here or watch the video.

Is my computer being monitored? The short answer is yes. There are a lot of different ways you can be monitored. If you’re tired of targeted ads from your browser saving cookies, then the easiest fix is to switch to a browser that doesn’t track your activity, like DuckDuckGo. 

If you’d like more complete answers to these questions, I’ve linked to some helpful videos, or if you run a business, work for a business, or are a business, you can give us a call at (918) 279-7000 or email if you have any computer issues that you need a professional for.

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